The Route

This is it!

Below is the (rough) route that we will be taking, roughly 16,000km from the UK to Mongolia.

It doesn’t look so bad when you zoom right out!

We start in Goodwood (UK) on 14 July, not before a mad 2 day sprint  across Europe to Prague for the ‘Czechout Party’ (European rally launch).

Depending on what state we wake up in, we leave Prague on the morning of the 16th July, with 350 other teams, all heading across the world in whatever direction makes sense. All going well* we will arrive in Ulaan Bataar on 24 August, 6 weeks later.

It would be great to hear of any suggestions of things we should checkout east of Czech Republic, so if you have more of a clue than us (which is highly likely) please post them below!


*NB – Rhys:  No matter what happens, any adventure in this territory should be interesting, just as long as we don’t die. Should that eventuate, I want it to be known that all my worldly belongings (1 x XBox 360 with 3 games) are left to the bloke at the Seddon train station who sells newspapers every morning. Rain, hail or shine that bloke is on the job – got a lot of time for you newspaper man!

  1. Greetings from We go of nothing team on 2012 Mongol Rally. It seems we’re on a similar route, maybe we’ll meet somewhere in a dusty desert..

  2. The Black Night

    Personally, I’d be going through Russia. Russian chicks are hotter than Iranian chicks…

  3. I am sooo loving the fact that you have put balingen on the roadmap already!!! Your making my little hometown famous 😉 I shall prepare a feast for your stay here…. already looking forward to it

  4. Hey Guys we are two Aussies competing (taking part rather) in the rally also and leaving from Goodwood ( We plan on heading through Ukraine after the party in Prague and may hook up in Kyrgyzstan where our paths cross. Although we may be there before you. Good luck. Hope to see you in the UK.

    • Hi John. Awesome, from the looks you are from SA? Yep, let’s keep in touch – it looks like there are a few Aus teams heading over so will be good to link up at Goodwood. The Pamir Highway is going to be something else!

  5. Make sure you check out the strip joint in Barnaul !! Was quite splendid…

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