Why? Because Cancer is a bastard!ACRF Logo

Even though we have had a 30% increase in survival rate over the past decade, over 39,800 Australians die from cancer each year. When you run the maths, this means that 25% of all yearly deaths in Australia are cancer related (25%!)

This is like a town the size of Port Macquarie, Orange or Bathurst dropping off the map due to cancer related illness every year.


The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) are doing something about it!

Both of us are big fans of the work the ACRF do, so we have chosen them as our primary charity for the Mongol Rally. The ACRF are focussed on the provision of research grants to Australian institutions who are leading the way in research to find a cure. These insititutions don’t have the luxury of being government funded, the ACRF fills a critical gap in funding that helps these institutions continue their research.

Every dollar donated to the ACRF is a dollar that goes directly to cancer research (ACRF operating expenses are covered through investment revenue as opposed to be funded by the punters – awesome or what!)

If you would like to support our team, click here to donate via our Mongol Rally Roos’ Fundraising Page 

If by now you are still reading this – read again, you shouldn’t get this far next time because you will already be on the Mongol Rally Roos’ Fundraising Page

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