It would be great if any comments or ideas you had could be posted via our blog. Anything considered not for the public eyes (ie – you are the Iranian Ambassador and would like us to drop off some plans for your new uranium refining facility on our way through), feel free to drop us an email:

Alternatively, we have heard of the latest thing to come out of Silicon Valley in the social media space – it’s pretty underground, but we’re happy to give it a try. They are calling it a ‘face to face conversation’ (they can sometimes be held over a beer?). If you are into these and have something to say we are happy to trial this also. (Probably won’t take off, likely that Facebook will buy it and shut it down – but in the mean time let’s run with it).

  1. Great blog!
    Embarking on a similar trip and wondering who you ended up using for car insurance? So far keep finding insurers who can’t cover all the places we are going….

    • Hi Jess. Insurance was a nightmare. From memory, we arranged it through the RAC in the UK, but really that becomes no good to you the minute you leave Europe. Most countries had the ‘option’ to buy insurance at the border, but we never did. From memory, alot of other teams didn’t either. A good idea would be to join the Mongol Rally Facebook group, there was a fair bit of talk about it last year so you might be able to search the comments for some good tips.

      So far as personal travel insurance, that was another headache. We went with ‘Worldmed’ in the end with their hazardous activities package. You should have an easier run if you are not doing the Mongol Rally, the marketing machine they have is awesome, but does little to paint the event as an event that insurers would be comfortable with.

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