The Lads

Benjamin Lockeridge

Ben Lockeridge
Modern day McGuyver of car repairs / Personality of a rock with a smiley face

Relevant Skills – Fixing broken things
Plumber and solo beer drinker, Tweed Heads

When it comes to doing dodgy ‘Bush Mechanic’ like car repairs – this Gas Plumber from Tweed Heads is second to none.  Ben has worked in most trades over the past 10 years, making him an ideal candidate for the Mongol Rally.

Ben has an uncanny ability to use zip ties, electrical tape, shoelaces and anything else at his disposal to keep rubbish cars on the road looooong after their use by date (this may come in handy in the Gobi desert!)

Often described as having the personality of a ‘rock with a smiley face’, what he lacks in social skills he more than makes up for in his mechanical prowess.

Some would say his grasp of the conversation is not his strong point, but rip a few beers into him and he could talk the leg of a chair and use it for firewood – then convince the chair it looks better with three legs anyway.

Rhys O'Sullivan
Less car knowledge then you will find in Woman's Day / Talking Rubbish Skills are off the charts!


Rhys O’Sullivan
Relevant Skills – Talking general (but quality) rubbish

HR Consultant (and all round good guy), Melbourne

Some might say this is probably not the ideal man you want as your co-pilot when navigating through deserts, in what essentially is a coke can with indicators!

Rhys will openly admit to anyone, he has about as much mechanical knowledge as you will find in December’s edition of Woman’s Day.

While his lack of understanding of the fundamentals of car mechanics may make him seem like a bit of a passenger in the pursuit of Mongolian glory, what he lacks in mechanical know-how, he makes up for with his Project Management skills and uncanny ability to talk absolute rubbish!

This could prove critical when negotiating border crossings, sourcing a beer or two during Ramadan or convincing local police to let them out of jail for whatever reason they may find themselves locked up.

How did things get to this point?

Ask Rhys and he will tell you they have been mates since they were pups (and then probably reel off the story about how Ben pissed himself in Kindergarten), ask Ben and he will tell you they aren’t mates at all. . . .regardless of the details, both lads are looking forward what is set to be one hell of an adventure, which all got started something like this:

Ben’s phone: Ring, Ring (assume the ring tone is probably something by Boy George)
Ben: Yo?
Rhys: Are you busy next year?
Ben: I’m in
Rhys: Sooo, do you want to know where we are going?
Ben: I don’t bloody care. . . .

  1. How is it all going over there Ben,waiting for the date that it starts???

    • It’s been great. Had 3 Nice weeks with Nae in London, Paris and Venice. The real work starts now and the Start date is Saturday. We camp at Goodwood Friday night and then 7pm on Saturday night on a ferry at Dover.

  2. ricky --Ed's mum

    these stories are just gold —long live the koala

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