The Mongol Rally?

It’s an adventure like no other!

The Mongol Rally is a yearly charity event arranged by a UK group called ‘The Adventurists’. The first Mongol Rally took place in 2004, with 4 teams participating but has since grown to over 350 teams who take part each year.

The formula is a simple one:

  1. Round up a couple of mates (in our case, we use this term loosely)
  2. Raise money for your chosen charity (ours is the Australian Cancer Research Foundation)
  3. Buy a car with less than 1.2 ltr engine capacity
  4. Drive it 16,000KM from London (UK) to Ulaanbataar (Mongolia)(no big deal)
  5. Donate your car to charity
  6. Figure out a way to get home. . . .

Kicking off on 13 July 2012, over 300 teams in ill-suited vehicles will attempt to drive 16,000KM from Goodwood UK to Ulaan Baatar MONGOLIA, raising funds for the Lotus Children’s Centre and their charities of choice.

Teams choose their own route. There are no checkpoints. There is no support and no liability taken on behalf of the rally organisers.  Essentially, teams run this race entirely at their own risk, all in the name of charity and one hell of a great time!

This is a journey unlike any journey that a Masterchef or X-Factor contestant has ever been on before (for one – it actually involves going somewhere….). Departing the UK, we will travel through Europe, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia and finally into Mongolia 6 weeks later (that is the plan anyway. . ).

Why in blazes is this a good idea?

This is about stepping up to a challenge. A serious one. It’s not going to be easy. It is an opportunity to be exposed to the other side of life, on the other side of the world, and do our bit for those who haven’t had an easy run.

Also, the idea of driving what is essentially a coke can with indicators one third of the earth’s circumference seems like a perfectly reasonable way to spend 6 weeks.

Nothing really sums up the Mongol Rally better than the below video:

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