What do you mean ‘it’s finished’?! (#MongolRally)

Lying in a hammock, in front of a beach shack in South Goa (India) as i write this . . . life can be hard sometimes. Flicking through the posts from the last few months brings back some awesome memories – man, what a MASSIVE adventure!

LockeridgeEDVietnam After a huge week in UB, Lockeridge and Ed went to Vietnam for a few weeks of silliness before heading home. From everything I have seen, Vietnam will probably never be the same. Both the boys are at home now, on two wheels as much as possible, and talking general rubbish about where to next (Something about Hungary to Morocco?).




I ended up sticking it out in Mongolia for 2 months. I bought a motorbike and rode it about 3,500km around the northern and far western states, tagging up  with a rather loose band of travellers at different points along the road – ending up at the Golden Eagle Festival in Olgii. I’m in India at the moment. Leaving next week on a Royal Enfield to see how far I can get before heading home in late January.


This is just a final note to say a HUGE thankyou to our sponsors, donors, family and friends for having our backs in the leadup and throughout what has been one of the biggest and best adventures so far.

Tweed Hyundai
hyundai_logoThankyou to the team at Tweed  Hyundai for your support of Australian Cancer Research. Goes without saying, the Hyundai was bulletproof. We purchased it for about $2,500 AUD in the UK. It was in such good shape when we arrived, that it fetched around $3,000 AUD at auction for charity – even after everything we put it through!


tweedrubber-big (1)

Goodyear Tweed Rubber, Tyres and Brakes
Thanks to Kevin, Sean and the whole team at Goodyear Tweed Rubber, Tyres and Brakes for your donation towards our parts and tools fund. Not only did having the right gear save us more than once, it has since been donated to local Mongolian families where it will be put to good use. Looking forward to a beer when we get back.



Castle Combe Race Circuit:
A huge thankyou to Rod Gooch and the team at Castle Combe Circuit for your support in buying / storing the car and giving us a home base. It’s more than likely that this little journey wouldn’t have made it out of Australia without your help, so really, thanks so much.


Hillside Garage (Burton):
Ian and Mike, the Hyundai purred all the way to Mongolia. Through sand dunes, rivers, 40 degree heat and sub zero cold – the little warrior just wouldn’t quit. Thanks for making sure she was in good shape before we left and loading us with spare parts. Such good blokes.

Rescue Tape Australia
Gerard, thankyou for your donation towards ACRF and for supplying us with enough Rescue Tape to get us to Mongolia. There are a few cars in Ulaanbaatar that have Rescue Tape to thank for getting them over the line. . . so thanks again.



Scenic Signs:
Thanks to Breen Heydon for pulling together (and donating!) the decals for our car at the last minute. Car looked awesome!

To the band of crazies from across the world that we now call friends, thankyou for making our journey what it was. From what I can gather, it is likely that we will see each other again en-mass in the not to distant future. . . and I look forward to it.

If you are thinking about giving the Mongol Rally a nudge, stop thinking about it and sign up. It will be one of the best decisions of your life.

If you had any questions, feel free to drop us a line.

Take Care,

Rhys (and Ben – aka ‘The Blog Dodger’)






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  1. Great work! What a trip. Enjoy the rest of your time on the road, mate.

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